Artist/Historian to Speak for Aug. 12 UMW Sunday

The public is cordially invited to our 11 a.m. worship service to hear author and artist Ann Miller Woodford speak on “Making the Invisible Visible.” 

Ann is a native of Andrews, where she attended the one room-one teacher, Andrews Colored/Negro Elementary School through 8th grade.  She graduated with honors from Allen High School, a Women’s Division of Christian Service sponsored Methodist girls’ boarding school in Asheville, NC.   (WDCS was a forerunner of UMW.)  She has received many writings and artistic honors.  

Ann is author of the highly acclaimed book, When All God’s Children Get Together: A Celebration of the Lives and Music of African American People in Far Western North Carolina.  The history it contains, plus her personal reflections on her family’s life and experiences, have many hopeful, powerful suggestions for all Christians living in a world too often divided by misunderstandings and downright hate.