Pastor Tom’s Page

Dear Members and Friends of First UMC, Copperhill,

2018 is no longer new, but it is not old, yet!  Despite the weather and water situations, we have started well.  I am glad to be your pastor.  I appreciate a people who represent the best of United Methodism.  Our first priority is two-fold: loving and serving God and others.  We do so with heart, mind, soul, and strength!  We are not ashamed to laugh and cry.  Under the banner of Jesus Christ, we study the Bible and trust God’s Spirit to lead and direct us in every way.

Is that all of what it means to be a United Methodist?  It’s not all, but it is a good start.  Well, actually, the start is the personal decision to accept Jesus as Savior and Lord.  Being Christian is first.  I’ve always thought that a good United Methodist seeks to be a better Christian each day.  I don’t mean to be better than any other Christian.  I want, and would hope each of us wants, to be a better Christian today than we were yesterday!

It can’t be done in isolation!  We celebrate Jesus’ “solitary life” and his impact on all humanity, but we are not intended to live solitary lives.  We need each other in order to be Christ’s body, the Church.

Your pastor,