Pastor Tom’s Page

Dear Members and Friends of  First UMC Copperhill,

At this moment my mind is thinking vacation — grandsons and family playing on the beach, jumping in the ocean waves…  But that’s not until June 2!  For now, I have work to do — a lot of work to be ready to go o vacation!

C’est la vie!  That’s life, especially for the Christian.  We anticipate a better day, a better life, and a better world, but in the meantime, we have work to do.  It’s not our job to create that better world.  So what can we do or must we do here and now?

According to the Gospel writers Jesus talked about His coming in both the present and the future tenses.  Therefore, we are always getting ready for His arrival, in the same ways we would live in His presence.

As I prepare for vacation, I have work to wrap up to be ready to go.  I also want to prepare for coming home.  It’s not really so complicated.  It’s more a matter of priorities and doing all I can do with the time I have.

Yes, I am looking forward to vacation and to Holston Annual Conference.  I am also looking forward to coming back home to Copperhill.

Love & prayers,
Pastor Tom