UMW goes “NUTS” during Covid-19

Sales raise funds for UMW missions projects

Here’s a tasty help for gift-giving: Beginning Nov. 15 (hopefully), you can purchase pecans after the Sunday worship service. There will be a way to do that while following all Covid-19 guidelines. All items are $11. Your choices are the same as last year and include: pecan halved, medium pieces, and small pieces; chocolate, dark chocolate, cinnamon, chocolate clusters and glazed. Let Flora know ahead of time what you want, and she’ll bag your order for you.

Some of us use a lot of pecans in baking. If you do, too, you might enjoy taking a look at these Southern Kitchen favorite recipes.

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Calendar of Events

We will not be updating our monthly calendar in the usual way until the Covid-19 restrictions are lifted. In the meantime, some committees and Sunday school classes are meeting, but with social distancing and mask-wearing required.

Covid-style hug from Linda

Sunday worship services are available on- line, in the parking lot and in person to all mask-wearing social distancers at 11 a.m.

To hear the most recent service, you can: call (1-423-226-6437), use the Facebook link, go to Buzzsprout, or to the Worship Highlights web page.

Sonshine Class Will NOT Meet Until Further Notice

Until it’s safer to do so, the Sonshine Class has decided it will NOT meet on Sunday mornings. We are very concerned about the health and safety of our members, many of whom are at risk re Covid-19. We will let you know ASAP when we can meet again. Meanwhile, let’s all wear our masks, pray for health care workers, etc.

New Page for our COVID-19 Updates

We now have a web page on which we will post items related to the coronavirus, our church, and our neighborhoods.  Here’s where to find the new page: Covid-19 Updates.

Many groups and individuals are working hard to prepare our church building for when we can again worship in our sanctuary.  Please continue to support them with your prayers and encouragement.

Where to Find Our Online Worship

We still do not know when we will be permitted to return to our sanctuary for Sunday worship, due to the coronavirus restrictions.  Meanwhile, we will continue to offer online worship experiences.  You can find them on this site on our Worship Highlights page or link to them via Facebook  or
You can also call in to hear the service from any phone at any time at: 423-226-6437.

New Resources for Caregivers, Seniors has a website for caregivers that has information on many topics with which you may be grappling, including assisted living, memory care, and home care. Check it out:

You will find other helpful information on the website, including this Assisted Living Options for Low-Income Elders piece.

We hope to have an entire webpage devoted to community resources soon. If you have suggestions of what to include, please call the church office or send us an email.

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